Commercial & Domestic Approvals

Why You Need a Building Permit:

Building codes give you peace of mind that your structure is safe from structural dangers, fire hazards from heating or electrical systems, health risks and other issues. Having a permit provides a permanent record of the work done to prevent these failures as well as the inspections performed on the building. Get the assurance you need by obtaining a building permit for your property today.

Our Process:

  • Consultation outlining the procedures for obtaining approval.
  • Assessment of plans, specifications, required reports & certification.
  • Generating & issuing of Certificate of Compliance
  • Lodgement of documentation to the relevant permit authorities.
  • Authorizing of Start Work Notices.
  • Conducting the necessary mandatory inspections ensuring compliance with the NCC & approved plans.
  • Issuing of Occupancy Permits & Certificate of Final Inspection or Completion Certificate.